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    About Us

    First-rate online Spanish classes in India by SpanishBOLO.

    SpanishBOLO was started in 2016 with the motivation of bringing Indian students closer to Latin-American culture. Dr. Subhas and his experienced team who have decades of experience training at premier institutions like Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi, Universidad de Extremadura in the field of Spanish Language and Literature, have crafted solutions across the industry: ranging from Indian MNCs to educational institutions.

    Staying on top of what is current is extremely important at SpanishBOLO. This is why modules include updated and contemporary methods of learning, which include giving students a hands-on experience of the Spanish language.

    Currently, SpanishBOLO’s observations and experience have reached many prestigious International School, Business Spanish classes and includes dedicated tutoring services for Cambridge and IB students.

    SpanishBOLO employs the most updated and recent methods of learning designed through hands-on experience and observations at many prestigious International Schools, Business Spanish classes, and dedicated tutoring for Cambridge and IB students. With the increasing bilateral trade and the world coming closer, we wish to create a quick yet engaging process of language acquisition for our students.

    Recognising the increasingly global world we live in, SpanishBOLO offers students the opportunity to learn Spanish abroad through it’s exchange programs, giving them an immersive experience of Spain on the artistic, cultural and traditional front, making it easier for students to access Spain to enhance their knowledge-base of Spanish.

    Our partnership with FEDELE, allows for a greater interconnectivity between different parts of Spain, pecifically Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Málaga, Salamanca, Bilbao, Valencia, Alicante, Granada, Cádiz or any other city in Spain. This allows our students access to learning Spanish from any of the above-mentioned cities.