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    Free Spanish

    Free Spanish Lessons for Hindi Speakers

    Basic Spanish

    We provide Hindi speakers a glimpse into the rich and vast Spanish speaking world. The Hindi speaking world is equally rich and diverse, and with this effort we intend to contribute in bringing these two worlds closer.

    Use our YouTube channel for free Spanish lessons. We will also try to share learning materials on our Facebook page and on Twitter. So, you are welcome to explore them as well.

    Free Spanish Level Test

    The Instituto Cervantes offers a free Spanish Level Test, divided into three sections. It is completely online test and is comprised of 30 to 60 grammar and structure based questions, written test and listening test. The questions are based upon the pattern of DELE exam, so it cab be useful for those who are taking the test.

    You must be knowing that DELE is a global test conducted by the Instituto Cervantes and has examination centre in cities like New Delhi (Instituto Cervantes), and at few language academies in Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur and Kolkata.

    So what are you waiting for? See yourself how much Spanish do you know by clicking here.

    Free Spanish Learning Videos by Videoele.

    Here you can listen to the free videos and do the attached exercises. It will help you practice listening, reading and writing skill. At the same time, you will get exposure the Spanish culture.

    Listen to these small videos twice. Once without subtitle and later with Spanish subtitle. Don’t use English subtitle, if you really want to learn Spanish.

    Furthermore, you can go to the section transcripción and access the script of the video if you do not understand the audio completely. However, this is the last option. Try doing the exercises without referring to the transcriptions.

    Then go to guía didáctica to do the exercises related to the respective video.

    Check soluciones once you are done.

    Free Spanish Courses: Textbooks, Workbooks with Audio included.

    This section offers a unique opportunity for the Spanish learners in India to learn Spanish Free, using the classic language learning courses designed by the Foreign Services Institute of the United States of America. The FSI along with the Defence Language Institute or DLI was a pioneer in developing a wide range of foreign language courses. Use the Spanish textbooks, workbooks and the related audio clips to get the best result.

    If you wish to try our live online Spanish Classes, feel free to join our free demo classes. We guarantee your success in learning the language.